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Ceiling & Wall Treatments

Hayden Construction specializes in the installation of wainscoting and beam ceiling finishes. We pride ourselves on providing ceiling and wall treatments at affordable prices. Adding a decorative ceiling treatments or wainscoting to your room can add instant visual appeal and increase the value of your home with surprisingly small investment; not to mention the beautiful unique elegant finish that it provides in a room!

Hayden Construction offers the following ceiling & wall treatments that are custom designed to you exact room specifications:

  • Wainscoting
  • Coffered/Waffled Ceiling
  • Paneled Ceilings
  • Tray Ceilings


Wainscoting gives a room that wow factor that not many other home improvements can boast. The primary functional benefit of wainscoting is to protect walls from damage by chairs, door knobs and people. That’s why placing wainscoting in high traffic areas such as entryways is a smart choice. Another functional benefit is that wainscot is it is easy to clean when it gets scuffed and is painted easily. On the decorative side, wainscoting can help define the style of a room or home. Tongue-and-groove beaded board wainscot offers a country look while raised panels can provide a clean and elegant finished look.

Wainscoting Styles

If you’re not sure which type of wainscoting would be best for your home, consider these popular styles to complement your interior:

  • Bead board ($) – For a casual or cottage look, bead board wainscoting is a good choice. Beadboard comes in sheets and cuts down on labor intensice layout and installation of rails and stiles. Beadboard wainscoting is a good and easy solution in smaller rooms.
  • Applied Mouldings / Faux Wainscot ($$) – This is the most popular painted style of wainscoting we install. It consists of adding moulding directly onto the drywall to create a rails and boxes. Since this method incorporates the existing drywall, it cuts do\wn on material costs and provides an affordable wainscoting.
  • Raised panel ($$$) –  Raised panel wainscoting consists of adding rail and styles on top of the drywall to create two separate faces (one raised and one behind). This gives the wainscoting a feeling of depth. However, this method is the most expensive as it requires much more labor and materials to complete.

Beamed Ceilings

If you would like to add dimension and character to a plain room, nothing beats dressing up the ceiling.   There are three different styles of ceiling trim that stand out and can bring a new level of class and style to your home. Coffered ceilings, tray ceilings, and paneled ceilings used to be decorative features reserved for the rich.  However, with modern materials, you can elevate the beauty of your room without the high costs traditionally associated with these elegant features.

Coffered / Waffled Ceiling

A coffered/waffled ceiling is created by adding a grid of beams and crown mouldings to a ceiling.  These beams create dimension and depth to a ceiling and can be accented in many different ways.  Each coffered ceiling looks unique to the room that it is in and there are many options when choosing a style.  Here are several things to consider.

  • Depth of Beams – Shallow vs. deep beams. The depths and widths of the beam is a matter of preference.
  • Profile of the Beams – straight edge vs. moulding and ridges. There are so many different ways to dress up the beams of a coffered ceiling. With a variety of mouldings available with many different profiles it is rare to see two identical ceilings.  There are many different variations.
  • Lighting – pot lights in each box vs. fixture in the middle. Lighting options are limitless.
  • Paint – dramatic white vs. strong contrast of wall colour in boxes
  • Shape of coffer – square vs. rectangle

Paneled Ceiling

Paneled ceilings consist of adding beams or a simple grid to an existing drywall ceiling.  A paneled ceiling can be done in planks (often seen in cottage or beach homes) or in a grid pattern (similar to the coffered ceiling, however, much shallower).   Some have designed their rooms with a combination of the two which has a dramatic effect. Furthermore, when creating a paneled ceiling there are several building materials to consider and how they will create the effect that you want. As a result, each ceiling is designed based on the customers unique request.

Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling, also called inverted or recessed ceiling, features a centre section (usually a box or rectangle) that is deeper than the perimeter of the room.  A tray ceiling breaks up an ordinary flat ceiling and adds dimension to a room. Therefore, these ceilings are found in larfer rooms such as dining rooms, hallways and living rooms.  The design of most tray ceilings are similar, however variations in depth, colour, and lighting can really make them stand out. Also, putting the wall colour behind the moulding on a deep tray can give the room extra height.

In conclusion, no matter what you have planned for your home, Hayden Construction will see your ceiling or wall projects through from start to finish. We Service Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Port Perry, Bowmanville, Courtice, Brooklin, Uxbridge, Lindsay and Kawartha LakesRegion. Please contact us today for a FREE estimate.

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